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Indoor Plant Pots

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Quartz Pot Medium

Quartz Pot Ø 15cm

20,95 €
Ash Pot SmallAsh Pot

Pot Cendre Ø 10.3 cm

19,95 €
Pot Bleu Océane  à tête Playmobil | Pot à arrosage automatiquePot Bleu Océane  à tête Playmobil | Pot à arrosage automatique

Pot Bleu Océane à tête Playmobil

30,95 €
Snick PotSnick Pot with aglaonema

Pot Encoche

19,95 €
White pot with plant in a macrame hangerempty white pot in macrame hanger

Suspension pour Plantes en Macramé

15,95 €
Orange and beige speckled Cantaloupe potOrange and beige speckled Cantaloupe Pot

Pot 'Melon'

24,95 €
Dragon Egg PotDragon Egg Pot - Ponytail Palm

Pot Oeuf de Dragon

17,95 €

What Material Is Best For You?


Unglazed vs. glazed

Tend to water your plants a little too much? Are you a bit of a plant killer? Well, never fear! Unglazed ceramic pots have you covered. Given their porous nature, air and moisture moves freely through the sides of the pot. They wick away excess water which helps maintain a drier environment - great in the UK when the rainy season comes! So if your plants prefer drier soils, this is the perfect material for you. Extra air movement is also great for growth, as it penetrates the surface of the soil and keeps the roots healthy. One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need to place a saucer under your pot so it doesn’t mark your surfaces!

Glazed pots retain much more water and don’t dry out as easily. However, you won’t need to place a saucer under your pot because they’re pretty much waterproof. They can come in all sorts of beautiful colours and they make your plants stand out! They can be made from clay or terracotta. The main thing is that they’re much more durable. When going for a glazed pot, it’s best to keep your plant in its growing container. To water, just remove the plant from the pot and let the excess water drain off before putting it back in.


Similar to glazed pots, plastic pots retain much more water than their fellow unglazed friends. A great thing about plastic containers is that they’re easy to move and they won’t break if you drop them. Better for us clumsier folk! Plastic pots are ideal for water-loving plants. If you’re contemplating a plastic one, then make sure to check out these gorgeous plant pots. Not only do they look great, but they’re 100% recycled and recyclable!


Basket pots are great for any sort of plant. To get a homely look, baskets are the one for you. What’s even better is that most of our collection UK comes with its own PVC lining! So there’s no need to worry about damaging your pot. Similar to the plastic and glazed pots, it’s best to keep your plant in its original container. That way you can easily just slip it in and out of the pot. Handy for when watering or cleaning your pot.

Should I Get A Hanging Pot?

Hanging pots turn cascading plants into true spectacles. If you’re short on space and just need that extra plant (because let's face it, we can’t resist!), a hanging plant pot is the solution. You can either buy a pot specifically for hanging, or opt out for a macrame plant hanger. That way, you can put your favourite pot in it so everyone can see. We even have some gorgeous basket hanging pots for that extra rustic look - perfect for indoor plants!

But What Pot Size Do You Choose?

Choosing the right indoor plant pot size can be a bit of a mystery. The first place to start is to check your plants' pot diameter. Compare this to the diameter of the decorative pot and make sure it’s big enough to put your plant in it. If in doubt, pick a pot that’s 1 cm larger in diameter than the grow pot. That way, you’re bound to choose a winner!

For a larger plant, always choose a pot that’s 2-3 cm wider. If you’re shopping for a smaller plant, choose a pot that’s 1 cm wider.

Top tip: if your chosen pot narrows at the bottom, your plant might not sit properly. Try placing stones or pebbles underneath to square it off. Just make sure that the pot height is tall enough!

If in doubt, you can just check our UK plant pot size guide!

Choosing a Pot

So, by now, you can see that not all pots are created equally. Choosing a plant pot really depends on what plant you're potting and what style you want to go for. Whether it’s unglazed ceramic, plastic or glazed terracotta, there’s bound to be something for you!

If your plant is desert loving, you may want to choose the unglazed kind. Succulents, cacti, Hoya, Snake Plants, Peperomias and Pilea are the best for these sort of pots. If they like damp soil, you should go with either the glazed, plastic or basket! Spider plants, Ferns, Jungle Plants and Golden Pothos love damper conditions.

It’s always best to keep your plant in its growing pot, as it helps with drainage and air circulation. You can easily take it in and out, making it much easier to clean, too!