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* Our Caladiums are taking a break for the colder seasons, check our other amazing plants and start building your indoor oasis today!

The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

Bright coloured foliage plants, with paper-thin leaves, will add drama and interest to any indoor or outdoor plant collection.

Part of the Araceae family and native to south and central America, they feature large arrowhead or heart-shaped, colourful leaves that will give a tropical feel to your home! Caladiums have grown in popularity and are fast becoming Instagram celebrities!

There are more than a thousand types of caladium to choose from, we curated our favourites!

Humidifying and Vitality

Tropical plants are adapted to humid conditions, if they are looked after correctly and misted often they can act as natural humidifiers helping with breathing problems, and skin sensitivity.

It’s well known that colours can affect emotions and affect reactions. Green, because it is connected with nature, represents tranquillity and calm.

The pink tones in some Caladiums can inspire creativity!

Plant Care Tips: The Caladium Plants

  • As tropical plants, Caladiums love heat and humidity. 22 to 25 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature.
  • They prefer indirect light and moderate shade.
  • They will appreciate a rich, well-draining potting mix.
  • Caladiums need regular watering to keep the soil always moist, but not wet.
  • During the growing season, feed your Caladium with a liquid fertiliser or slow-release pellets
  • If you notice leaves becoming brown, cut 5cm above the soil and new leaves will start to grow.
  • The plants will flourish for a period of 5 months
  • Even in their natural habitat, in the colder months, their leaves start to fall and the plant goes back to ‘sleep’. When this happens, you can save its tubers in dry soil and replant them again in the next year.

The Caladium Story

Many gardeners grow Caladium as annuals, they grow in bulbs that come back every year. Their tubers are easily damaged in cold weather, they can be removed and replanted in the spring.

Where are they from?

Caladiums are tropical plants native to Central America and the northern parts of South America, especially Brazil.

They are popular in indigenous tribes. Because of their heart-shaped leaves, they are believed to repel local negative energy.

Who are the Caladiums?

  • They are also known as ‘Heart of Jesus’ due to their shape
  • Although their leaves are their most attractive features, some types can grow very small flowers, but this is rare.

Are Caladiums the right plants for me?

Caladiums love the shade so they are perfect for shaded gardens, patios or indoors. Their leaves can be a little fragile but survive beautifully with the correct protection from wind and sun.

They have bright leaves that bring a tropical feel to your home, but they rarely flower.

Pets and children: Toxic, please keep away from pets and children.