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Plant Care & Self Care

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Boulette d'Engrais Fertilisante | Pokon 10 pièces
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Boulette d'Engrais Fertilisante

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Our new Plant-Care & Self-Care range has been created to suit your needs, as well as those of your plants. You'll find natural oils, homeware items and accessories that will benefit you and your indoor plant collection.

Unlike common pesticides, Hiba improves the quality of the air your breathe. In line with research on Forest Bathing, and Japanese wood, Hiba helps to support the NK cells in your body (an integral part of your immune system).

Dr. Katie Cooper

The Benefits of Aomori Hiba

Revered in Japan, Aomori Hiba is an ancient cypress tree whose wood has been used for centuries in the construction of temples and notable buildings throughout the country. 

Aomori Hiba contains powerful resin with a unique chemical structure that has been linked to improved concentration, decreased stress-levels and heightened immune functioning. In Japan alone, this resin is carefully extracted and distilled to create pure Aomori Hiba essential oil.

Hiba oil has been used for millennia to support the body and mind, which is how Katie, psychologist and founder of Bloombox Club, first encountered the product.