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Pots Décoratifs

Woven Baskets? Ceramic? Cement? What Should I Get?


Ceramic is loved by planters all over the world. Porous ceramic pots allow water and air to move through the sides of the pot. Because of its properties, however, it does tend to absorb water more than other pots.

Glazed ceramic pots are different.

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Bengal Basket - Black
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Panier 'Bengale' Ø 12cm

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An Ochre coloured glazed plant potVenti Ochre pot with Peperomia plant
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Pot Venti Ocre Ø 15,5 cm

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Compared to their porous counterparts, they don’t necessarily wick water from soil, but they do restrict airflow. Glazed ones are similar to plastic pots because of this.

Though beautiful and versatile, ceramic pots are also heavy. If you tend to move your plants around, you may need to stray away from ceramics. Also considering the frequency of watering you need to do with certain ceramic pots, they will get even heavier.

Ceramic potted plants make great gifts. It doesn’t take long to get acquainted with them and they look beautiful. They make spaces homey and inviting, and they keep for long - as long as you don’t drop them!


If you’re looking for something more industrial or minimal, you may like cement pots. Though more unusual, they make perfect accent pieces to decoration you could already have. They’re straightforward and usually monotone.

Because of the density most cement pots tend to have, they keep soil warm during cold weather. Some people believe that cement pots aren’t good for the plants and soil, that’s not true. Like with anything else, there’s a little prep needed, but they are generally a safe home for your beloved plants. Concrete pots also make wonderful homes for succulent plants and cacti.

Having an industrial look has its perks. The visual appeal of these pots doesn’t diminish if they’re chipped or weathered - it’s part of the look! Being heavy also keeps your plants standing even if it gets windy.


Baskets are a simple and elegant way to display your plants. Baskets are also the common solution to hanging plants. Hanging baskets usually come with a plastic lining so that you can freely water your plants without having to worry about damaging the basket itself.

If you find yourself moving plants around to match the look of the surroundings, you could also consider baskets. Baskets are normally paired with a plastic lining or pot to catch all the soil and water. That means lifting and transferring the plant itself should be easier than repotting from one heavy pot or vase to another.

Make sure to also check the plastic for excess water. Since only the lining pot drains water, you find that the plastic lining may be hiding excess water. If water is left stagnant, they could be a nesting ground for certain insects like mosquitoes. This rarely is an issue though.


Does Size Matter?

The short answer is yes. As long as we're talking botany, some studies have shown that by just giving plants more room to grow, they will! It seems like such an obvious answer, but it’s actually a question that gets asked a lot - enough to get botanists to do some research on it. It’s kind of like making space for the things you want to happen in your life.

I’ve Heard That There are Certain Plants That Work Best in Pots. Is That True?

The short answer again here is yes. Plants that have shallow roots tend to grow best in pots. They are your snake plants, succulents, and cacti.

Since We’re Talking Decorations, Can I Put Decorative Pebbles On Top of the Soil of Potted Plants?

Yes you can, but no you should (ideally) not. Soil needs to breathe and placing rocks on top of it will limit the air flow. Air needs to get to the roots - that’s why there are looser soil options available in the market. Let the soil breathe and your plants will thank you.

I’ve Gotten My Pot Dirty! How Should I Clean It?

Glazed ceramic pots just need a simple wipe. No need to depot your plants just to wash the pots. Baskets can either be washed or wiped clean depending on their material.