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Valentine's Day Plants

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White gardenias with dark green leaves in a brown plant potClose up of a white gardenia surrounded by dark green leaves
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19,95 €
Bon cadeau
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Anthurium Arc-en-ciel | Anthurium Livium 'Rainbow Champion'Anthurium Arc-en-ciel | Anthurium Livium 'Rainbow Champion'
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Anthurium Arc-en-ciel

19,95 €
Clusia Rosea avec Pot 'Jimmy'Clusia Rosea avec Pot 'Jimmy'
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Clusia Rosea avec Pot 'Jimmy'

47,95 € 55,00 €
Calamondin Orange Tree in jute basketClose ufp of the Calamondin Tree
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Oranger Calamondin

59,95 €
Green Sweetheart Plant & Quartz PotPhilodendron scandens with Quartz Pot
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Discover unique indoor plants to gift for Valentine's Day. Not just for lovers, this year we're encouraging our followers to spread love to all who need it. Whether that's your mum, an isolated relative or an acquaintance from your local community. Let's face it, we could all do with a pick-me-up!