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Valentine’s Day Plants Gift Page

Treat your loved ones to an extra special gift this Valentine Day with a plant delivery! Gifting a plant is the perfect way to show that special someone that you care.

Not sure where to start? Here at Bloombox Club, we've put together a list of romantic plants that your partner will truly appreciate. Check them out below!

Is a houseplant a good Valentine’s Day gift?

The short answer is yes! We think that plants make special and unique presents that will be cherished by both people with green fingers and those new to plant care.

Why should you give a plant as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Aside from looking beautiful, plants have a lot of great benefits. Some have air-purifying abilities while others have even been said to reduce stress levels and boost productivity! Who knew!

Which plant is good for lovers?

We think that a great plant for lovers is the Calathea ‘Eternal Flame.’ Its fiery, vibrant colour will bring passion and excitement to any room, perfect for couples in the deep throes of love!

What houseplants can be gifted on Valentine’s Day?

Any of our suggestions above can be gifted for a lovely Valentine’s Day present. Or why not check out our website for more beautiful plants that might take your fancy? You could also consider pairing your plant with a decorative pot for an extra special gift.

How can we deliver your plants safely?

Delivering your plant safely is something we take seriously here at Bloombox. We know that plants are fragile items so we aim to deliver them within 5 working days. Our couriers will also leave your plant in a safe place.